About Us

At Pronto Eataliano, first and foremost, you’ll find some of the finest and most popular pizzas in Craigieburn. We have classically-topped options, some with our own signature topping combinations and some that are seriously gourmet. Of course, as we’re an Italian restaurant we also offer pasta and indulgent meat and fish dishes. Pronto Eataliano is a small restaurant on Craigieburn Road where we let our food do all of the talking, so wherever you are in Melbourne, reserve a table online and drop by. We’ll be glad to serve your pizza just the way you like it!

Pizza Meadow Heights

Meal Plans

Pizza and Pasta Greenvale

Meal Deal 1

1 X Large Pizza

1 X Pasta

1 x Garlic Bread

Home delivery Pizza

Meal Deal 2

1 x Large Pizza

1 x Garlic Bread

1 x 1.25Lt Drink

Pizza Kalkallo

Meal Deal 3

1 x Large Pizza

1 x Garlic Bread



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